Rosie's journey into blogging

As i was saying…..

So there I was all ready to branch forth into the world of blogging exciting plans at hand and a lovely post ready to go when my laptop died!

I knew it was coming but I hoped it would hold out for a couple more days but it was not to be. So here I am with a new computer and a new year already 7 days down ( and a mind trying to remember what was in my now lost post).

Life here in my little corner of London is slowly getting back to usual after the holidays. I think every child in a 10 mile radius went back to school this morning so Tinker and I stayed in while the madness ensued. Our little borough isn’t know as Nappy Valley for nothing you can’t walk 3 feet without falling over a bugaoo, scooter or a pair of Hunter willies ( all 3 of which we don’t own – my own personal rebellion!).

So I had a few really big plans for myself for 2013 here is the short list:

1. Start a blog ( and keep it going)

2. Try and turn some of my skills into an online business

3. Lose weight and get healthy ( this is something I HAVE TO DO)

4. Survive the Terrible Twos – we thought we had avoided them but I think Tinker is heading into them, better late than never.

So I ran straight into all 4 head on I have so far

1. Started my blog – I just hope some of you lovely people out there come along to join me

2. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeves which I am researching at the moment – I shall share as soon as I can.

3. I joined Weight Watchers last Wednesday and have managed 6 days no cracking – i’m really pleased about that as the house is still full of Christmas chocolate and I have avoided all of it.

4. any suggestions this had rather thrown us!

So now while Mr T is struggling to get Tinker to sleep I am hiding in the office ready to conquer the world!


Bye Bye 2012 & Hello 2013

I have been trying to write this post for about two weeks! But with all things me, in trying to make it perfect I haven’t actually written it, so here I am just going for it.

I am extremely excited about 2013, its the year I plan to make changes! small one, large ones and some no one else would see the point in (but I do – which is what counts). I would love it if you would join me in my exciting new journey into 2013! Hunting for bargains, crafting up a storm ( well maybe a breeze in my case) and generally loving life!

Hello my name is Rosie and having become overly interested addicted to the blogosphere for the last 6 months I thought it was time to have a stab at it myself. I live in London, England with my wonderful husband and gorgeous little girl who I am lucky enough to spend my days looking after.

I love the following things in no particular order:


Cheesy Crime Books

Reference Books





Pepsi Max ( mild addiction would be putting it lightly!)


my camera phone

Victoria Wood Sketches


and about a million other things  that I will remember once I have posted this!

Things I can’t stand!

Baked Beans


Birds ( I have a TERRIBLE phobia)

People who don’t follow the rules ( I liken myself to Liz Lemon in 30 rock, yes I would buy 150 hotdogs to stop someone queue jumping!)

My inability to use punctuation correctly ( sorry about that)

Please come back to tomorrow and I will tell you all about Phase One!